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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in Sun kissed Suzie's LiveJournal:

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
8:52 pm
Seen Around Oahu...
The Stupid Factory


Clothing optional beyond this point.

No shoes, no shirt, no skirt, no problem.

Anyone have any others to add?
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
1:14 am
We are all here!
Bais here... we're here, we're drunk, we're all feeling a litttle punky funkQ! ::LOL:: Hi Hi Hi!!! Heee! I'm a little tipsy here but we had a great steak and Mai Tai kinda night.... ::grin::

and now...

Ven here... Hi. Er, is this thing on? We're all doing that thing where we snort when we laugh. Mostly Bais. She started it all. ...I'm totally doing this thing, moving out to L.A. eventually. I'm in, man.

TigerTail here.... hi. I'm not drunk because I can say communicable =)

and heres X... Dude, these wenches are crazy. Send help....And pie. Preferably, blueberry or apple. Maybe both....*wanders off to find pie*

B.S. here... These broads are all ruddy nutters, and and I'm watching tigertale7 and baisleac in their bathing gear cackling. It's quite lovely. I've also learned at least 12 different ways to say vagina. Quite stimulating. o.o

Current Mood: drunk as monkeys under the sun
Tuesday, March 14th, 2006
12:06 pm
Make a list of things you must bring

Check it twice, it doesn't matter if you are naughty or nice

You DO NOT want to spend your cash on toothbrushes, underwear, kotex or other stupid stuff at Hawaiian prices.You also don't wanna waste your time shopping for stupid stuff you could have bought at Target back home.

Oh and Binaca? You might just pack a couple of cans of Spam with you for your meals...thats what real Hawaiians eat. MMmmmmmmm...good eats. I'm lying


Current Mood: indescribable
Monday, March 13th, 2006
1:25 pm
HAWAII: practical matter
Alright, kids. With Hawaii only a week away, there's a practical matter or two that need to be addressed.

First is groceries. Now, we all know how much time, work, money and stress whimsicalmusing has put into this trip. She was apparently suffering under the delusion that she'd also be covering all our asses on groceries, to the tune of about $400.

I quickly disabused her of this notion. I expect you'll all back me up on that. None of us can afford that kind of expense, and this is everybody's vacation.

Given that there should be 11 of us at last count, I'm going to ask $40 per person, due on arrival (or before) for groceries. If it turns out to be less, we'll split the difference equally. But we're not dividing this up into "this is my milk, I'll pay for that, but I'm not paying for her bread". Did I mention there are eleven of us? Even split, ladies. For everyone's sanity.

Exceptions to this would be Bianca's cousin Lilly, and vensre.

You can have the cash ready when you get there, or you can paypal me at canciona at yahoo.com anytime this week. I'll collect these because I have a paypal debit card (Bianca's ordered one, but hasn't received it yet), which makes funds much more immediately accessible. Don't worry, I'm not running off with your money; you'll know where to find me next week. ;)

Anyway, let me know which you'll be doing, if you could. I'd appreciate it. I'm going to be jetlagged when I get in. Don't make me do math and process of elimination, please. :) Thanks, my dears.

Another matter to consider is transportation. I know Bianca's posted about this awhile back, but let me reiterate: if you're not getting a car, look into public transportation. There's no guarantee that wherever you want to go on a certain day is going to be where someone who did get a car will want to go, too. Or that they'll want to leave when you do. So try to plan ahead for your own transportation needs.

Not to get all mommy-ish here (or more mommy-ish, anyway), but the best way to survive this vacation with 9 other women (and one slightly intimidated man) is to remember it's nobody's job to make sure you're having a good time but your own. Right? Emergencies and accidents and such happen, but to the extent possible, try not to rely on other people to get you where you need to be, plan your day, rearrange their schedule for you, make sure you're having a good time, and so forth. We're all here to enjoy ourselves, and that means you...and her. Cool? /lecture

Stace, if you could get the pertinent info to Jamie, B can get it to Lilly and Lanee, and I'll get it to Mike; everyone else has this community friended, I think. Then we'll all be on the same page. Thanks!

One week, my dears! *bounces happily*

Current Mood: mellow
12:26 am
Seven days from now, there will be a beach.

And on this beach, there will be nice people.

(And possibly a drink or two)

And life is good.
Sunday, March 12th, 2006
8:25 pm
Friday, March 10th, 2006
7:27 am
This just in
Ten days...




You may now return to your previous program. Thank you.


Current Mood: silly
Monday, March 6th, 2006
8:03 pm
I'm looking at various Pearl Harbor tours. Is anyone else interested in going on an excursion of this type?

eta - okay, the tour my history-loving soul fell most completely for rings in at $79. It's basically a historical military tour of Oahu, including having some time to wander about in the Cemetary of the Pacific. This is also the most compelling and has the most research material for my WWII thing.

There are several others that can be found here. Go to Oahu and then select Pearl Harbor tours from the list. Have a look around and we can discuss. =)

Also, is anyone else up for parasailing?
1:12 am
L & L Hawaiian Adventure coupons

I used to work for the L & L Hawaiian BBQ here in Michigan, and before our restaurant went under I grabbed a stack of Hawaii-related coupons, which I will make available to anyone who wants some. Here's what I've got:Collapse )

And also ~ hello, everybody. The small part of my brain that I've managed to convince that this is really happening is very much looking forward to it!

One question, though. Who is this "Suzie"?
Sunday, March 5th, 2006
7:28 pm
Bais schedule
Already posted in my journal a couple weeks ago, but I thought I'd reiterate it here.

Schedule below the cut, in case anyone going wants to go on these adventures tooCollapse )

Most activities were scheduled through Hawaii Activities.com, Toll-Free:1-877-877-1222, Direct: (808) 524-0008, Email: info@hawaiiactivities.com

Also... is there a way to make a locked post that only members can see, so that we can share cell phone numbers?
Saturday, March 4th, 2006
10:28 am
Hello fellow Hawaii folks. I realized that I don't know many of you yet so I thought I'd introduce myself in as few sentences as possible. ;-)

I'm Debbie or Deb or pretty much any variation of Deborah, really. Right now I live in Seattle and have an amazingly deep adoration for Billy Boyd. I can't wait to get to Hawaii. I've never been before and am looking forward to sun and warmth in March. I'm also looking forward to meeting y'all. Yaye for fandom trips! =D

Are there any group outings planned yet?
9:00 am
Forgive me but...
Monday is two weeks 'til Hawaii.

*stares at calendar longingly*

Friday, March 3rd, 2006
11:01 am
Let's pop this thing's cherry.

Girls, please put your flight information here, so we all have a place to go and check it.


Current Mood: excited
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